Boston Campus Life

Registration and Payment Details

The Office of Student Affairs/Dean of Students Office coordinates lockers that are available to any student on the Boston Campus. Small and large lockers are available during the academic year. At the end of the spring semester, all belongings and locks must be removed. Locks and items remaining after May 1 will be removed and a service fee will be assessed to student accounts.

Registration for the 2024-2025 academic year begins in week two of the fall semester. Students can register anytime on or after week two of the semester and will be able to lease their locker for the entire academic year. We strongly encourage students to use the first week of classes to view the locker locations to best determine locker options.

Locker leasing opens Monday September 9, 2024 at 10 a.m. and will remain open through February 1, 2025 for our students joining in the spring 2025 semester. Students can lease a locker at any time during this block of time.

Have a problem with your locker? Contact Student Affairs for assistance.

Large lockers: $20 (+ service fee)
Small lockers: $10 (+ service fee)

  • Debit/credit cards only
  • No cash or checks
  • No cancellations and no refunds

Choose your location to begin the locker lease process:

  • Students are responsible for their own lock for their assigned locker.
  • Food is not allowed in lockers.
  • Students may only use their assigned locker and cannot relocate to other locker locations. You must use the one you have been assigned to and cannot change/swap lockers. We do not encourage you to share a locker with another student as we are not responsible for missing items or sharing issues.
  • If you occupy a locker that you did not lease your items will be removed. Please note we are not responsible for replacing missing items and/or broken locks.

Lockers in Fennell and Matricaria are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Lockers in Griffin are subject to the hours of operation for the Griffin Building each semester. Traditionally, the University remains open to students during breaks. We encourage students to clear out their lockers during breaks to ensure they have everything they need while away. We are not responsible for neglected items. Once the lease ends for the academic year the lockers will be cleaned. Items left behind will be stored in the Dean of Students' office for 24 hours then disposed of.

We encourage students to save their locker combination number in a safe and secure place to avoid issues. If you are unable to open your locker because you forgot the code or lost the key please email us your name, locker number, and a brief reason why the lock needs to be removed and we will address the issue within 24 hours.