Suicide Prevention Training

MindWise on Campus: Suicide Prevention Training

MindWise on Campus is an online training that uses video and interactive learning to teach you how to ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell) if you are worried about yourself or a friend's mental health. The MindWise on Campus course uses real and diverse stories of mental health struggles and recovery to provide you with resources and actionable steps to support yourself and your peers.

Take 30 minutes to learn:

  • The signs of suicide risk in yourself or a friend
  • How to have a difficult conversation that encourages someone to seek help
  • How to build strong peer connections that foster positive mental well-being

How to access the MindWise on Campus course:

  • Create an account
  • Enter the redemption code "MCPHS" and complete the form.
  • View your Dashboard. Choose "MindWise on Campus for Individuals."