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The Office of Student Affairs/Dean of Students Office manages lockers that are available to any student on the Worcester Campus. Locker assignments are valid from the fall semester to the summer semester. All personal belongings and locks must be removed by either the end of the summer semester, the time you graduate, or if you take a leave of absence (which ever takes precedence). Locks and personal items remaining after the summer semester will be discarded; Students may then request a new locker for the following fall to summer semesters, beginning in August. For students who have taken a leave of absence, please see below.

NOTE: If you are a current or incoming Optometry student and would like to request an Optometry locker, please contact Cheryl Arsenault or call 508.373.5813.

Lockers on the Worcester campus are available to students at no charge.

The lockers in the following areas may be requested through the Worcester Campus Locker Request Form.

  • 19 Foster Street (basement)
  • 10 Lincoln Square (basement and 1st floor) - smaller lockers only;
  • 19 Norwich Street (2nd Floor)

NOTE: The following lockers cannot be requested through this form, as they are not managed by Student Affairs:

  • Larger lockers in the Lincoln. Sq. Basement – please see note above
  • Lockers located within an Academic department area (Dental Hygiene, School of Medical Imaging, or Occupational Therapy)
  • 25 Foster St. student gym

If you have questions about the student lockers, please contact Worcester Student Affairs for assistance.

  • Students are responsible for their own lock for their assigned locker.
  • Food is not allowed in lockers.
  • Students may only use their assigned locker and cannot relocate to other locker locations. You must use the one you have been assigned to and cannot change/swap lockers. We do not encourage you to share a locker with another student as we are not responsible for missing items or sharing issues.
  • If you occupy a locker that you did not lease your items will be removed. Please note we are not responsible for replacing missing items and/or broken locks.

We encourage students to clear out their lockers during breaks to ensure they have everything they need while away. We are not responsible for neglected items. Lockers may be accessed anytime during normal building hours for the building in which the lockers are located.

We encourage students to save their locker combination number in a safe and secure place to avoid issues. If you are unable to open your locker because you forgot the code or lost the key please email us your name, locker number, and a brief reason why the lock needs to be removed and we will address the issue within 1 business day.

Students who take a leave of absence from the University are required to empty out their locker prior to their leave. Any personal belongings found in their lockers after their leave of absence will be discarded. Students may request a new locker when they return to the University from their leave.