ID Badge

All MCPHS students, faculty, and staff are issued an ID Badge.

  • New students must upload their photo to have their badge ready for the first day of classes.
  • New faculty and staff must upload their photo to have their badge ready for their first day.
  • Online students are eligible to receive an ID badge through the Help Desk at any campus location. Please visit the Help Desk on any campus to have your photo taken and ID badge issued. Note: ID Badges cannot be mailed and must be picked up by visiting the Help Desk.

Photo Submission

Once you receive your MCPHS email credentials, watch for an email from the Help Desk titled “MCPHS ID Photo Submission.” Your MCPHS ID badge image can only be submitted using the link from the email. 

Please follow the guidelines to ensure your ID photo is approved:

  • The photo should be in color and within the last year
  • The photo should be in front of a plain background
  • You must be the only person in the picture
  • The photo must be clear, have a front view, and a full headshot
  • No sunglasses, hat, or facemasks

Terms of Services

I verify that the attached uploaded picture to be used on my official MCPHS identification card accurately depicts my image.

I also agree to pay the $25 ID Badge replacement fee when applicable.

Non-functional ID Badge

Should your ID badge become non-functional, i.e. "tap" reader doesn't register badge, a replacement badge will be issued free of charge assuming there is no physical damage to the badge. Please stop by the Help Desk to have your badge tested and a replacement badge issued.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged ID Badges

Should your ID badge be lost or stolen, please notify Public Safety immediately so that it can be deactivated.

Students: There is a $25 replacement ID fee for any lost, stolen, or physically damaged ID badges.

How to obtain a replacement ID Badge.