Information Security at MCPHS

Information Security strategy at MCPHS is risk-based which addresses threats in accordance with industry best practices and security compliance regulations. MCPHS University is takes information security seriously and is deemed a critical component of operationally sound information processing and management. MCPHS University strives to provide security services and security controls which allow all faculty, staff, and students to operate without compromise of data integrity, availability and confidentiality without any recognizable service degradation.

In order to provide that secure environment we ask everyone to participate, as security is everyone’s responsibility. So please use the “report security issue” button below to report any suspicious computer activity, malicious emails, and possible physical compromise of protected information. Additionally you can report a security issue to the MCPHS University Help Desk. (Email: or phone: 617-732-2170).

When reporting a suspicious email to the help desk, please forward the suspicious email as an attachment (Ctrl-Alt-F in Outlook).

Report a Security Issue

Information Security During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak