Voice mail allows callers to leave you a personal, secure message when you are either unavailable or away from your office and allows you to access and manage your messages from any phone, anywhere, anytime. Additionally, you can easily save, forward, reply to, and erase messages. Users are also able to set separate greetings for when you are away from your desk, on the phone, and out of the office for an extended period.

Changing Recorded Name

Add, Change, Listen to, Remove Personal Recorded VM Message

Retrieve and Listen to Voicemails

Setup Voicemail for the First Time

Voicemail Menu Tree

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure you are entering your four-digit (xxxx) extension followed by # and enter your password followed by # when prompted. If AUDIX says your mailbox is locked or the above instruction did not solve your problem, contact the Help Desk for further assistance accessing your voicemail box.
Voicemail passwords, when forgotten, can only be reset by the Help Desk. Please submit a ticket for further assistance with having your voicemail password reset.
Unread messages are not removed automatically from the voicemail system while read messages will be deleted after 10 calendar days.

Please contact the Help Desk for further assistance troubleshooting this issue.

If you are off-campus and need to check your voicemail, please dial the voicemail access number and login to the system using your touchpad as normal.