National Student Clearinghouse Data Breach

Recently colleges and universities have been notified that the National Student Clearinghouse has suffered a data breach from a foreign actor using vulnerabilities in the Progress Software’s MOVEit file transfer program. The National Student Clearinghouse has notified our institution of the MOVEit vulnerability, and MCPHS continues to monitor security breach issues related to this. This notice is to inform the MCPHS community of the status of the National Student Clearinghouse’s progress in their investigation and response. MCPHS was not responsible for the breach and does not use the MOVEit software. 

The National Student Clearinghouse is still working with law enforcement and a third-party security firm on their investigation. They expect to have a list of affected individuals in the next few weeks. All of those affected will be formally notified directly and provided with information for further action. 

In the meantime here are a few precautionary safety actions that the MCPHS community can take:

The National Student Clearinghouse is maintaining information about the breach at Student Clearinghouse MOVEit Issue.

If you have any questions concerning information security please contact the Help Desk.