Connecting DE Rooms

How to Connect a DE Classroom with a Crestron Touch Screen to its Paired Classroom

These instructions go over how to connect a DE classroom with a Crestron touch screen to its paired classroom. If the classroom does not have a Crestron touch screen or is not connecting to its paired room, contact the Help Desk.

  1. The Crestron touch screen goes to sleep when it is not in use. Touch the touch screen to wake it up.
  2. There will be a message on the touch screen saying to touch the screen to start. Touch the touch screen again to continue.
  3. You will have three choices, Local, Teaching and Remote. Choose the Teaching option.
  4. Towards the upper left on the touch screen, you will see a message asking if you want to connect. The room listed on the touch screen is the paired room.
  5. Press Yes to connect to the paired DE classroom.
  6. Once the rooms are connected, the AV system in the paired classroom will turn on automatically. Once the connection is made, you should be all set to go.