Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss prevention (DLP) is a is a technical strategy for making sure that MCPHS University end users do not send sensitive or critical information outside the MCPHS University corporate network. This makes sure that protected information is not leaked outside of MCPHS University’s security controls. Many times protected information, like Social Security Numbers, finds its way outside of internal security controls via normal communication channels, like email or applications that allow automatic synchronizations or sharing.

Microsoft O365 has several settings where they can identify sensitive data in documents and emails. When sensitive data is identified rules are set to send alerts or stop certain actions from happening. As an example sending Social Security Numbers to an external email address is restricted. Over time these rules are subject to change based on security and compliance requirements.

If you need further information about a particular DLP action, need to report a possible data compromise, or simply need assistance in sending a required sensitive information securely please contact the help desk. Information security will work with you on the issue.