Printing for Students

MCPHS uses PaperCut to manage printing for students on campus.

Benefits and Key Features

  • Centralized print queue and “Follow Me” printing.
    • Print to one queue per campus and release your print jobs on any printer with your badge.
  • Confidential printing.
    • No print jobs will begin printing until you tap your ID and release your jobs.
  • Print from home.
    • The global print queue is available in VMWare and stored job will remain in the print queue for 24-hours.
  • Copying for an additional fee on select devices.
  • Scan-to-email on select devices.

Available To

MCPHS Students who are actively enrolled in any face-to-face course on any of the University’s three campus locations.

Getting Started

  1. From your computer send your print jobs to central queue, determined by campus. If using mobile printing and not through VMWare, send to MCPHSMobile.
    • Boston: Boston_Campus
    • Worcester: Worcester_Campus
    • Manchester: Manchester_Campus
  2. Walk up to any PaperCut enabled multi-function device and tap your ID card on the reader to the left of the machine's display
  3. You can release all of your jobs at once by pressing the "Print All" button under the job list. You can also print your jobs individually by selecting the job and pressing the "Print" button under the job details. Note: Some printer models without the large display release all print jobs automatically when you tap your badge on that printer.
  4. After releasing your jobs they will begin printing.


Campus Black & White Printing
Color Printing, Copying, Scanning
  • 3rd Floor Tech Center, Matricaria 3009
  • Matricaria Library
  • Fennell Student Lounge
  • Griffin Lobby
  • Matricaria Library
  • Griffin Lobby
  • 19 Foster Library
  • 25 Foster Tech Center
  • 40 Foster Lobby
  • 19 Norwich Lounge
  • 10 Lincoln Lobby
  • 10 Lincoln 6th Floor Study Space
  • 25 Foster Tech Center
  • 10 Lincoln Lobby
  • Library
  • Tech Center
  • Library

Additional Information

Student Print Quota & Policy.

Need to delete a job? Follow steps one and two above, select the job you'd like to delete and press the "Delete" button under the job details.

Instructions for copying and scanning.

Mobile Printing Instructions

Mobile Printing - Mac OS X

Mobile Printing - Windows 10