Cloud Drive Mapper

Cloud Drive Mapper maps your OneDrive for Business online storage as your Z:\ drive integrating your cloud storage into Windows desktops and VDIs. Cloud Drive Mapper provides direct access to your OneDrive for Business share instead of syncing your OneDrive files locally to your machine.

Benefits and Key Features

  • Cloud Drive Mapper is the only enterprise-ready solution for mapping OneDrive for Business to your local PC or VDI desktop.

  • Delivers a seamless user experience for accessing files stored in OneDrive for Business without the need to synchronize and store a local copy.

  • Cloud Drive Mapper will automatically launch on login and map your drives - just as you're used to seeing now!

Available To

MCPHS Staff and Faculty.

Getting Started

Simply sign into Cloud Drive Mapper with your MCPHS username and password to access your files on OneDrive.