Ad-Hoc Lecture Capture


Echo360 Rooms: Boston: W204, W216, W300, G204, GB04, Worcester: Linc 102,103, Norw 202

  1. Turn on the A/V system in the classroom (video projector, flat screen TVs, etc.)
  2. Double click the Echo360 shortcut on the desktop. It may not necessarily be a Firefox icon.
  3. Enter your Echo360 username (your MCPHS email address) and password. If the browser asks, tell it not to save your password.
  4. Select the Monitor tab and then click the Start Monitoring button. It will take a good 30 seconds for it to start up. If nothing loads up after about 30 seconds, refresh the browser page and the try again.
  5. Check and make sure the presentation sources (PC, document camera, etc.) you need are being seen by Echo360. You will see the camera shot on the left and the current presentation source on the right. You will see snapshots, so it will not be live video. Be patient because it takes 30 seconds or so for the images to update. Use the room’s A/V controls (touch screen or panel on the wall) to switch and check any other presentation sources if need be.
  6. Turn on and test the microphone that you plan to use. Locate the vertical colored bar on the side of the window next to the camera shot. This bar shows the audio levels. Make sure you have audio levels going into the upper green and lower yellow area. Avoid the red as you may end up with distorted audio.
  7. If everything looks good, click the Stop Monitoring button. It will take a good 30 seconds for it to end the process.
  8. Choose the capture tab and then click the AdHoc Capture button to set up your capture.
  9. Give your capture a title, set the length (default is 60 minutes), select which course on Blackboard you want to post the capture to and finally, choose what you want to capture. You can capture Audio, DVI-1 and Composite-2. DVI-1 is the presentation, so the PC, document camera, etc. Composite-2 is the camera shot that shows you at the podium. If you only want to record audio and your presentation (not you on camera), select the Audio/DVI-1 preset. The presets also contain quality options. There’s Standard, High and Highest. High is sufficient in most cases.
  10. When class begins, click the Start AdHoc Capture button to start the capture.
  11. To pause the capture, click the Pause Capture button. To extend the capture, click the Extend Capture button. When extending a capture, you need to enter the number of minutes that you want to extend the capture by.
  12. If the class is over and the capture is still going, click the Stop Capture button. You will be asked to confirm, so click Ok to stop the capture.
  13. Finally, click Logout in the upper right corner and then close the browser. This will ensure that other users (including students) cannot create and upload captures to your courses.
  14. The captures should be available to your students within 24 hours.