Asian/Asian American Pacific Islander Resources

Counseling Services


There are a variety of mental health and self-care resources available for Asian and Asian Americans. Please see some examples below as a helpful starting point. 

    When you witness an incident of racism or bias, here’s how you can help those being targeted.

    • Distract: Ask for directions and engage in a bias-unrelated conversation with the person being targeted.
    • Delegate: Dial 911 to report to the police and ask someone in authority (bus driver, store manager, etc.) to intervene. Sometimes knowing the police are en route de-escalates the perpetrator.
    • Direct: Address the perpetrator, "You're harassing them; that is not appropriate."
    • Connect & Comfort: If the incident is a "hit and run," go to the target after the perpetrator leaves and ask, "Are you okay? Should I get help? Should we get out of here?"
    • Document: (only if it's safe, someone else is aiding the target in the ways listed above, and public laws allow videotaping) It may be helpful to video the incident on your cellphone for use by the target to file a police report.

    Condensed from the following resource: Right to Be

    • The Jocko Podcast: Jonny Kim, NASA Astronaut, Harvard-educated MD, and former Navy SEAL, shares his story of early family trauma and lessons learned on healing and forgiveness.