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Living Off-Campus

While we guarantee University-sponsored housing to our incoming first-year students and first-year transfer students many upperclassmen at MCPHS choose to live in Boston's historic and vibrant neighborhoods. The Office of Student Affairs offers a number of resources designed to make finding off-campus housing as easy and convenient as possible.

Off-Campus Housing Workshops and Fairs

Hosted regularly in the spring semester, our Off-Campus Housing Workshops are hosted by the Office of Residential Living and Learning. At the workshops, experts share tips on how to find and secure an apartment and share insight into how to successfully live with roommates in off-campus housing.

Roommate Mixers

Join other students from MCPHS at a fun mixer-style event, where you can make friends and connections and find a future roommate. The best part about Roommate Mixers is that students from all academic programs attend, enabling you to connect with students you may not have had the opportunity to meet through your classes and labs.

Expert Resources

Experts in the Office of Student Affairs are also available to answer your questions about how to find an apartment, how to get to campus from your off-campus housing, and provide important information about tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities. Students are also provided valuable materials and information during the end of their first year.

Questions about living off campus? Contact us at

DISCLAIMER:  MCPHS will not be involved in any negotiations between you (the leaseholder) and any landlord, property owner, student, prospective student, or realtor before, during, or after any agreement. MCPHS is not responsible or liable for the consequences of any off-campus student housing arrangement. You are encouraged to exercise your own judgment when evaluating a prospective rental unit or landlord.

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