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A sense of home begins with security.

Each of the University’s four housing facilities on our Worcester, MA campus has active security measures in place to help keep residents safe.

At the Thomas Henry Borysek Living & Learning Center and 10 Lincoln Square, which house both classrooms and residences, public safety officers greet students, check IDs, and monitor cameras 24 hours a day. Residents have secure card access to the main residence door, their assigned floor on the elevator, and their rooms.

At our off-campus, University-owned Lancaster and Salisbury housing facilities, students have key access to the building and their rooms. Residential life staff members live in these buildings to serve as a helpful resource to students, help ensure their safety and well-being, and organize community-building events.

All common areas in these buildings are equipped with security cameras and monitored by public safety officers.

Creating a safe community, face to face.

Students, faculty and staff are on a first-name basis with the Worcester Public Safety team. Our public safety officers are regularly out and about greeting students, creating relationships and staying visible as part of the campus community. By building trust and familiarity, students can feel comfortable approaching officers with any issue, no matter how big or small.

Shining a light on safety outdoors.

Strategic lighting, public safety patrolling, and camera monitoring are just a few of the ways we help secure the campus outside of our buildings. Blue lights and callboxes around campus and in parking lots serve as a visible deterrent and a quick way to contact public safety officers. Parking lots are well lit, fenced and monitored by camera. Our campus is also ideally located across the street from the Worcester police station and next door to the courthouse, giving us a strong police presence day and night.

Studying late? Call an escort.

At night, many students choose to use our escort services for a ride to their residence buildings or parking lots. Escort services are available around the clock and are especially popular between the hours of 11 p.m. – 2 a.m. Students can request escort services from any public safety desk or by phone.

Check in with Public Safety as you come and go.

The Worcester campus is a closed environment, and everyone entering must pass the public safety desk. Faculty, staff, and student have free access to the campus with lanyard IDs. Visitors, including clinic patients, must stop and check in with the public safety officers.

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the community.

Our public safety staff is closely connected with the Worcester police and other college and university public safety teams. Regular meetings and constant communication allow us to share information, trends or patterns so that we can work proactively to keep our campus secure. With a finger on the pulse of the greater community, we stay aware, alert and prepared.

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